New Solution for 3D-CAD Design Reviews using VR

What is pronoDR?

prono DR is a 3D design review application for the manufacturing industry using the VR head-mounted display ‘Oculus Rift’.

Why we developed prono DR

When we saw the possibilities of Oculus in 2013, we were convinced that by using virtual reality technology we can overcome the problems with 3D design reviews.

Such problems as
It is difficult for Reviewers who lack knowledge of CAD to discover problems with wiring and scale until there is a finished prototype

prono DR uses VR to display to the design as it  would be in the real world, making it easy for anyone to understand. Catching these kinds of problems early allows you to reduce time and costs.

Even with knowledge of CAD, it is still difficult to check the inner workings of the design.

prono DR allows you to enter the design space to check details from the inside.

Additional merits include ease of use, high portability, and a reasonable price.

Common Questions

Q.What data formats are supported?        STEP(recommended),IGES,AP214,Parasolid,SolidWorks assembles.

Q.Are CATIA files are supported?

CATIA files only available with STEP.

Q.Is it possible to use our own company’s PCs?

Due to performance requirements, a pre-installed PC is supplied as part of the package.

Q.Is it possible to capture the screen?

Yes, there is an easy to use screen capture feature.

Q.Is it possible to read large models?

In order to read large models, it may be necessary to edit the model (e.g. delete some small parts) and re-convert it.

Q.Is it possible to read CAD files directly?


Q.Is it possible to color the model?

Yes, if the data saved in Prasolid or SETP AP214 formats.

Company’s Profile

Company Name
PronoHearts Inc,

Established in

President and CEO
Masayasu Fujimori ,PMP

Phone Number
Shiojiri Techno Center +81-263-54-0097
Tokyo Development Section +81-3-6206-8296

Mail(masayasu fujimori)

Office location
Shiojiri Techno Center
302 Sunaba Daimon 8-1-28 Shiojiri-city Nagano-ken